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Annual Spaghetti Dinner

“Caught in a SNOWstorm”

Featuring:    Dave F. Brinker
Regional Ecologist, Natural Heritage Program,
Wildlife and  Heritage Service, Maryland DNR   

Postponed until further notice   

The winter of 2013-14 saw the largest invasion of Snowy Owls in decades.  By the first week
of December 2013, birders realized something extraordinary was underway. Thousands of
Snowy Owls were flooding south into the United States. In some cases,  birders found dozens,
even hundreds, gathered in a single location.

As the magnitude of the irruption became clear, veteran owl researchers mobilized a
response, and Project SNOWstorm (SNOW is the four-letter code that banders and birders
use for SNowy OWl) was born. Project SNOWstorm is an  unprecedented, crowd
funded research program designed to gather information about these raptors using telemetry,
banding, toxicology screening, DNA analysis, and more.  

Dave Brinker created Project SNOWstorm in partnership with naturalist and author Scott
Weidensaul, who directs the owl migration research program for the Ned Smith Center for
Nature and Art in Pennsylvania, and  Norman Smith of Massachusetts Audubon, who
has studied Snowy Owls for more than 30 years at Boston's Logan  Airport. The project is a
collaborative effort of a diverse group of scientists and organizations who all rapidly mobilized
to study this historic Snowy Owl irruption. Project SNOWstorm is an example of a growing
number of citizen-science efforts energized by the rapid communication and coordination
facilitated by the internet and social media.

The researchers behind Project SNOWstorm are hopeful that their efforts will not only
produce useful information about the winter movements of Snowy Owls, but will ultimately
better inform conservation efforts. Dave will present an overview of Project SNOWstorm
and will share essential findings from the research.   

Where:  St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 4711 Edmondson Avenue,  Baltimore, MD.  

Cost:  $10.00 per person for dinner and the program, $13.00 if you would like a glass of wine
or a beer with dinner.    

Advanced Reservations required: We expect this dinner will sell out and we do not want to
turn anyone away at the door. We also need to plan in advance for food.  
Call (443) 423-1847—leave your name, telephone number, number of people,
and specify if you prefer vegetarian sauce.

Please send checks:  payable to the Chesapeake Audubon Society, PO Box 3173,
Baltimore, MD 21228.   

Directions:  Take Baltimore beltway to exit 15A (Route 40, Baltimore National Pike east,
towards Baltimore.) Take Route 40 about 2 miles, just past the convergence of Route 40 and
Edmondson Ave.  The Church is on the right.

We are again extremely fortunate to have a local guitarist and  songwriter,
Sean McCahill, performing for your listening pleasure

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